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Moonlit (So Bless Us Now…)

Crank this to 9.3 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Post-rock, Instrumental, Sludge

Sounds Like: 5ive, Pelican

Homeland: Varese, Italy


Album Overview

  • Sophomore release takes this Italian act to a whole new level

  • Takes a lot to push our instrumental buttons these days.... Moonlit are poking the shit out of us

  • Blissfully raw!


Track Breakdown:

1. For We Have Seen (12:29) Standout Track

Unfiltered majestic beauty. The grooves and melodies on this track are jaw dropping.

2. Empty Sky/Cold Nights (11:24)

Most relaxing of the lot. David Tade does a wonderful job on violin. Middle Eastern inflection. Fusion sludge string.

3. Shine In The Darkest Night (14:10)

Innovative background happenings with insanely good baseline undercurrent. This is a wild entangled ride.

4. And We Stood Still Until We Became, Invisible (17:36)

This track is otherworldly. Escapism and landscapes abound. So much texture and contrast.


Brew Pairing

‘Misty Morning’ is a Bob Marley song, but the name this Italian craft beer is inspired by the foggy fall mornings of Padua…. this Italian NEIPA by Busa dei Briganti brewery is insanely good. 7% ABV. ‘Misty Morning’ has intense aroma with custard and exotic fruit (a touch of coconut is definitely detectible, pineapple), white peach and nectarine. Soft dank, pale malt, bread.

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