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Melissa (Devil’s Mask)

Crank this to 7.9 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Doom

Sounds Like: Bell Witch, Earth

Homeland: Brazil


Album Overview

  • Slow gloomy doom

  • Dark uncomfortable landscapes

  • Heavy methodically slow riffs doused with psychedelic underpinning

  • A dark and uniquely refreshing lens


Track by Track Breakdown:

1. Perfect Soulmate (8:02)

Steady wins the race. Unwavering dark tunnel of fuzz.

2. Buried in a Body (4:27)

As the title suggests this dark sludge feature encapsulates the feeling of suffocation and overbearing doom


3. Swallowed by Blame (5:13)

Disturbing harmonizing vocals take some bizarre angles accentuating the listeners feeling of despair

4. The Fire Eats (5:57) Standout Track

Our favorite track of the Salem’s lot. Lofty swirling guitar entrance followed by harrowing staccato bursts.

5. I, the Witch (6:26)

Love the creeping monstrous vocals lurking in the back. Disturbing as fuck.

6. Pulse (instrumental) (4:33)

A dark and trippy instrumental with what sounds like touches of occult-like synths in the background.

7. Devils Mask (6:30)

The title closing track is a steady exit with calming dirge taking us out nicely.


Brew Pairing

Zingy Black-Brazil- Schwarzbier- This is an opaque, full-bodied black lager with mild bitterness and extravagant treacle and anise aromas. Its exceptional mouth feel is rich and creamy with well balanced sweet notes and hints of tartness. In two words: Black Silk. Imported from Exotic Brazil.

Melissa are:

Anderson Vaca - Bass

Henrique lima - Drums

Pedro Barros - Guitar

Melissa Rainbow - Guitar/Vocals

Follow Melissa: Bandcamp / Facebook


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