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Matsi’s Basement (Polar Vortex Sessions)

Crank this to 5.4 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Jam rock

Sounds Like: Tom Waits, Chris Robinson Brotherhood

Homeland: Chicago, Illinois

Matsi's Basement

Track Overview:

1. Up in Space (5:13)

Creepingly dark opener with flashes of gritty off-beat vocals, the opener that plays like a closer.

2. Rider (5:26)

Up tempo country flavor, appealing warm fretwork.

3. Mystery Cowboy (4:59)

John Denver meets Grateful Dead.

4. June Bird (4:51)

Simple melody filler.

5. Insane (6:16) Standout Track

Jammiest of the lot, tight chords and interesting layout

6. Well Enough Alone (7:29)

Feels like Eric Johnson is making a guest appearance, solid subtle fretwork.

7. No Words (6:32)

A heartfelt tune with relaxing percussion.

8. Vegas (7:17)

A quirky jamming tune to brink the album to a close.


Album Nuggets

  • Solid jam landscapes

  • Vocals that are difficult to swallow

  • Above average live production

  • Modest introspective substance

  • Prolific band cranking out the live jam sessions, check out their wide array of releases


Brew Pairing

Thee Destroyer- DOUBLE IPA at 9% ABV over 1,400 pounds of malt and hopped at several stages in the brewing process with loads of hops including Glacier, Warrior, Centennial, Amarillo and Citra. The malt stands aside, while the hops and alcohol battle for supremacy.

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