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Maragda (Maragda)

Crank this to 9.8 of 11 - Editor's Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Psychedelic, Progressive rock, Stoner rock

Sounds Like: Elder, Slift, My Sleeping Karma

Homeland: Barcelona, Spain


Album Overview

  • Maragda's debut release is a sonic burst of progressive prog rock and psychedelic stoner fuzz

  • We hear influences stem from bands like Elder and Slift, but we love the progressive Satriani-like inspired guitars

  • The vocals really steal the show as all three members sing in perfect harmony. They perform with a clean and uplifting style; think Slift meets Tweak Bird

  • The bass work from Marçal is so deep and very consuming

  • Xavi's drums are so in synch with the bass and together it forms a wall of heaviness

  • The guitars by Guillem travel in and out between heavy fuzz to progressive rock and always sounds smooth

  • We love the synth work provided by Xavi and Guillem. They are nestled perfectly into the music and add a brilliant touch of space rock driven psychedelics

  • Maragda have bursted on the the metal scene with an outstanding album that feels very original. The way they harness their influences and make it all their own is damn impressive for a debut release


Track Listing:

1. The Core as the Whole 5:11

2. The Calling 5:34

3. Hermit 3:49

4. Orb of Delusion 4:12

5. Crystal Passage 3:18

6. Beyond the Ruins 4:02

7. The Blue Ceiling 4:40


Standout Track(s)

The Calling

The bass gallops along with the progressive stoner rock vibe on this one. The vocals arrive and it takes the song to another level.

Beyond the Ruins

This track brings in some heavy riffs. The synths and the vocals add a level of psychedelia that makes this track so thrilling. It's a unique heaviness you will not hear very often.


Brew Pairing

Who Needs Galaxy? by Southern Grist Brewing in Tennessee. This 7.4% Double IPA is brewed with Azacca, Mosaic, and Citra hops; throwing out absurd amounts of tropical fruit flavors. A smooth and flavorful brew that pairs well while soaking the sounds of Maragda.

Maragda are:

Marçal - Bass, Vox, Synth

Guillem - Guitar, Vox, Synth

Xavi - Drums, Vox

Follow Maragda: Bandcamp / Facebook


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