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Mammalian AE (ST)

Crank this to 3.2 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Hard rock

Sounds Like: Jet, Puddle of Mudd

Homeland: Nashville, Tennessee

Mammalian AE

Track Overview:

1. El Dinero (2:10)

Hard rock with some garage influence. The song has some swagger, but the vocals get in the way. Sounds like Jet trying to be a little punk.

2. Theory of a Wall (3:15)

Same style of rock, yet the vocals seem over produced.

3. True Colors (3:15)

A heartfelt tune that sounds like Drivin' and Cryin' in their early days.

4. Sweet Ambrosia (3:09) Standout Track

Interesting song that breaks from their formula a bit. A little anger spices things up.

5. Perish the Flames (3:43)

Take it or leave it, we liked the pinkish vibe from the previous song.

6. Bone Chilling Hands (4:15)

A nice sounding closer with a laid back garage sound.


Album Nuggets

  • The music is raw and has a garage styled hard rock sound

  • The vocals feel a bit overdone for our taste, would love to hear them blend in more to the music

  • Nice painting for an album cover, we need to find out who the artist is.


Brew Pairing

The CPA (Creamy Peach Ale) by Taxman Brewing Co. in Indiana. This 8.5% Blond Belgian Ale is

sweet with ripe peach notes and a creamy, rich body. A nice hearty Belgian Ale that compliments the album.

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