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Mainliner (Dual Myths)

Crank this to 8.5 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Psychedelic, Shoegaze, Heavy Rock

Sounds Like: Boris, The Heads, Fuzz

Homeland: Japan


Track Overview:

1. Blasphemy Hunter (20:30) Standout Track

Wow, 20 minutes of non-stop raw and psychedelic to the core shoegaze heaviness to kick things off. Love the hypnotic female vocals of Kawabe Taigen, they float naturally among the music.

2. Hibernator's Dream (18:37)

This track has more of a noise rock rehearsal feel for the first 5 minutes. Don't give up on this song, it slowly morphs into a fucked up mind bending psychedelic trip.

3. Silver Guck (19:27)

The fuzz is strong with this one. The vocals have a ghostly sound that really elevates the song, sounds as if she is singing in a well, it's right up our alley.

4. Dunamist Zero (20:08)

Closing out the album is another 20 minute drug-laced heavy psychedelic affair. On this song the vocals remind us of Tera Sims from Black Math Horseman and Black Mare. The song has a drifting hazy feel until about the 11 minute mark where they embark on some very unusual spaced out jamming. The vocals become fast paced and almost manic... its bizarre and wonderful.


Album Nuggets

  • The production has a live studio quality and is extremely raw

  • The vocal prowess Kawabe Taigen is amazing and gives the album its unique vibe

  • Do not be turned away by the song lengths. There is no filler crap here, its all psychedelic fuzz


Brew Pairing

Let's go with Urban Queen Stout by Crown and Hops Brewing in California. This 10% stout has a nice coffee aroma with a slight bitterness flavor. A strong stout that may numb your brain if you drink too quick, yet a nice companion when listening to Dual Myths.

Mainliner are:

Kawabata Makoto - guitar

Koji Shimura - drums

Kawabe Taigen - bass/vocals

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