Lord Summerisle (Postum)

Crank this to 8.4 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Psychedelic rock, Prog Rock

Sounds Like: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, C.A. Quintet, Hawkwind

Homeland: Barcelona, Spain

Lord Summerisle

Album Overview:

  • Unique prog rock trio with undercurrents of Occult rock

  • This album sounds as if were dug up from the early 70s

  • The trippy vocals are placed far and few in-between the jamming and laced into the background

  • The music has moments where we hear early Deep Purple or Pink Floyd mixed with Uncle Acid, it's a very unusual sound

  • The production is perfect. It's not over polished and has a slight analog fee1


Track Listing:

1. Postum / Ulls de mort / Ment 5:22

2. Into the gulag 7:28

3. Benera 10:21

4. Oenotria 4:52


Standout Track(s):


This lengthy mind-trip has it all. Not only does it jam, they throw in some odd vocals and timely Deep Purple-esque synths.


Brew Pairing:

Sixteen Sandals by SingleSpeed Brewing in Iowa is a nice companion with this album. The 7.5% hazy double IPA offers hop driven notes of fruit and white wine. A great summer brew.

Lord Summerisle are:

David - Guitar/Vocals

Diego Caicedo - Bass

Michael Kelly - Drums

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