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Last Builders of Empires (Hades)

Crank this to 8.9 of 11

Released: 2017

Genre: Post Rock

Sounds Like: We Stood Like Kings, Caspian, Mono

Last Builders of Empires

Instrumental Post-rock specialists Last Builders of Empires have just released this dramatic and rich sounding EP in Hades. The trio from Peabody, Massachusetts have a knack for bringing to light the cinematic side of the Post-rock genre. This 5-track EP was tracked live to analog tape, really capturing a natural sound and doesn’t feel over produced. According to the band, Hades explores three parts of the mythological ancient Greek underworld; Erebus, Kharon, and Tartarus. As an instrumental album, the songs attempt to capture a journey through this world, while leaving plenty of room for individual interpretation.

Hades also serves as a continuation to their previous release Post-War’s purgatory theme, exploring a fictional place where the soul goes after death. We can definitely get into this, so join us on this journey to discover the aura of Last Builders of Empires.


1. Descent of Perithous

2. The Ruler Was The Ocean

3. Further Below Than Heaven Above

4. Clinostat

5. State of Grace


The entire album flows beautifully as each track is exquisitely structured and feels sincere. There seems to be no real highlights as the album just ebbs and flows of cinematic Post-rock mastery. The opening cut “Descent of Perithous” will transform your mood to a solemn state and conjure up though provoking moments. It’s amazing how layered this song is, it just keeps building in momentum over time, just a remarkable song to say the least. The EP continues to impress with “The Ruler Was The Ocean” and “Further Below Than Heaven Above”. The last two tracks “Clinostat” and “State of Grace” will dig deeper within your conscious, it’s basically impossible not to get wrapped up and taken away by this album.

Production Value:

The production is excellent, the fact the band tracked the songs in analog really adds to the texture of their sound. The percussion is ridiculously good and the bass work is tremendous. The scattered soft piano and horns are also a welcome touch.

Adult Beverage Pairing:

We recommend going with the classic Rob Roy.

Ingredients: 5/6 oz Sweet Vermouth, 1 1/2 oz Scotch Whisky, Dash Angostura Bitters

Final Thoughts:

Last Builders of Empires do not sound like they are from Massachusetts, in fact they feel like a band right out of Europe. We love the fact they are local to us and look forward to catching them on the road. The bottom line is if you love cinematic Post-rock, than pick this one up and dive into their two previous releases Post Warand Without Remorse. - 3/6/2017

Band Members:

Rich Reed (Drums)

Dan Mandino (Guitars)

Jesse Danger (Guitars)

Chris Duston (Bass)

Follow Last Builders of Empires: Bandcamp / Facebook


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