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Lares (Towards Nothingness)

Crank this to 8.4 of 11

Released: 2020

Genre: Space Metal, Black Metal, Sludge

Sounds Like: Inter Arma, Thou, ISIS


The Berlin natives, Lares, take a unique atmospheric angle on their latest sophomore release Towards Nothingness. Blending the spacial melodic with their harsh pain-ridden vocals. The journey feels like it is coming through the lens of an unexplored planet. Consistent but anxious melodies are the backdrop to this unique overriding black metal experience. While the album does not sway much from this formula, the consistency makes for a 37 interesting minute mood swing. "Catacomb Eyes" does ramp up with some in your face fuzz but eventually comes back to the navigation at hand. Track Listing:

1. It Burns (4:20)

2. Theiaphobic Ansia (1:49)

3. Cursed With Embodiment (4:59)

4. SN1987A Space Alteration Machine (9:21)

5. Grey Haze (5:25)

6. Oumuamua (1:37)

7. Catacomb Eyes (6:36)

8. Towards Nothingness (2:06)

Standout Track: No question that the opener "It Burns" truly resonated with our team. The melodies and stark contrast made for a wonderful addition to our 2020 compilation Dawn of the Heavy. Adult Beverage Pairing: The perfect dark strong Belgium style beer to compliment 'Towards Nothingness" would be Rocket Republic Brewing's 'Dark Matter'. At 10% ABV this fucker will absorb your taste buds. This is a high gravity Belgian Strong Dark Ale with roasted biscuit malt and a candied sugar aroma.


ROTATION RECAP: Captivation and Variety 8.3 out of 11 Vocal Prowess 8.7 out of 11 Weight of the Heavy 9.1 out of 11 Fretwork Prowess 8.5 out of 11 Percussive Vision 8.2 out of 11 Originality 8.3 out of 11 Overall Album Flow 8.3 out of 11 Contrast 8.2 out of 11 Album Cover Aesthetics 7.9 out of 11 Production Value 8.2 out of 11


Final Thoughts: Sludge metal fans will appreciate the unique feel that Lares bring. This album plays like very dark themed space adventure. Lares infuse a refreshing melodic consistent tone to their album. The band's second release is a pivot into a bit of a different direction. Clarity of thought along with an uptick in production make for this being the better release. Although, 2017's Mask of Discomfort certain deserves some rotation within your library as it is entertaining sludge nonetheless

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