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Kyning (Ān)

Crank this to 9.5 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Progressive rock, Stoner rock

Sounds Like: Last Crack, I Love You, Enigma Experience

Homeland: Germany


Album Overview

  • Bold, daring, and original

  • At first absorption may seem over-the-top and awkward. Give it time….it fucking works

  • Off-kilter and extravagant vocals. Johannes commands the stage and delivers a very unique dark vision. Wild contrast from comforting to disturbing. No question an acquired taste

  • Wild vision, swirling psychedelic guitars, horse-trot and energetic arm-lifting moments

  • Kyning leave nothing on the table. This album is chockful of sonic adventure into their very unique lens


Track Overview:

1. Bury Me Closer (5:12)

Wild flamboyant entrance makes for one hell of an opener. Perhaps our favorite on the album. Don’t let the awkwardness scare you off…..good shit.

2. Hate/Fear( 6:38)

Love the undercurrent guitar riff here. Driving force entering battle. So many unique vocal angles on this one.

3. Sacred Trickster(6:20)

The intriguing title makes for a pensive listen. Quite the build-up to come crashing into a jazz-influenced slower breakdown. More unchartered waters.

4. An (7:27)

Title track delivers and is well positioned. The last 1.30 minutes of this song are the darkest on the album.

5. The Once and Future King (6:01)

Love the crisp clarity on the guitar melodies wrapped in fuzz and chaotic vocal prowess.

6. A Spring Harvest (6:44)

Slower melodic track where Johannes’ vocals can really get you uncomfortable. As a one off this would be trashed, but it makes all the sense in the world amongst the library of tracks.

7. Yokai’s Reach (10:41)

One of the most unique 10 minute plus tracks you will encounter. The reset and reflection at the 8 minute mark will send chills throughout.

8. Preacher (6:35)

Interesting closing track. Clearly the most straightforward of the lot. Another shift not anticipated but fitting.


Brew Pairing

How could we not recommend a Leipzig Gose for your Kyning taste buds. It used to be famous. Now it is an inside tip. However, it is definitely a Leipzig original: die Gose. Its appearance? Elegant golden yellow with a fine turbidity. First impression? Fizzy but sometimes sour as well. Rather bitter and dry. 10.8 % original gravity, 4.5 % alcohol content, lactic fermentation – and a distinctive coriander character. The real Leipzig Gose simply isn’t just a beer like any other.

Kyning are:

Nils - Drums

Johannes - Vocals/Guitar

Mathias - Guitar

Otto - Bass

Follow Kyning: Bandcamp / Facebook


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