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Kuma (Death Is Coming)

Turn this to 5.4 of 11

Released: 2017

Genre: Post-Hardcore

Sounds Like: Malevolence, Soilent Green

We find it very difficult to discover fresh post metal bands who can take this genre outside the box and hit us with something unique. Kuma, from Germany are a four-piece post-metal/hardcore band who caught our attention via the album cover. Let’s cut right to the bone… Kuma bring forth a boatload of energy and anger, yet they don’t really stand out from their peers too much.

Album Highlights:

Our favorite cut off the album is “Death is Coming”. It’s just so over the top that’s it’s actually very entertaining. The foot pedal work of drummer Philipp is second to none and the vocals are just insane. This one sounds great when cranked way up.

Production Value:

The production is spot on for this style of music, has a very polished sound. The duel vocal styles of lead singer Sascha is very impressive; he violently bounces back and forth between hardcore and a post-death metal screams.

Does the album cover reflect the music?

Sure, the photo of this bear in some desolate winter scene drew us in.

Adult Beverage Pairing:

Enjoy a can or two of the classic Pabst Blue Ribbon.

What are our final thoughts on Death is Coming?

Kuma are a talented post-metal band with tons of fervor and angst. We just felt the album didn’t hold our attention after a while. We would love to hear them break free from the stereotypical post metal sound and branch out. We’ll keep an eye out for their next release.


1. Start/Origin 01:40

2. Eyes up, Eyes down 03:40

3. Taste of Man 03:26

4. Death is Coming 03:04

5. Putrid Abuser 01:25

6. End/Conclusion 04:14

Band Members:

Sascha - Vocals

Daniel - Guitar

Frank - Bass

Philipp - Drums.

Follow Kuma: Bandcamp / Facebook


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