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Krauhl (Collapse Under Calamity)

Crank this to 8.1 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Sludge, Black metal

Sounds Like: Absu, Ildjarn, Ulver

Homeland: Syracuse, New York


Album Overview

  • 20 minute interesting foray into the black metal unknown

  • Minimalist production makes for a raw and authentic take

  • Dungeon synth and ambient folk flashes


Track Overview:

1. The Horned Skulls of Sayre (4:55)

The opener is the most conventional track of the lot. More doom and sludge characteristics. Distant distorted vocals set the ominous stage. “source of power” cool melodic lyric.

2. The Rougarou (3:50)

Black curtains cover this plodding entrance into battle. Stark turn into the depths of black metal

3. Finding the Nest (2:40)E

Eerie twilight zone electronica. Bizarre placement. We like it.

4. Guns, Knives, or Pepper Spray (2:36)

Old school industrial undercurrent, punk hardcore vocal style, swing into the darkness

5. Against the Sunrise (1:31)

Post-metal synth interlude

6. Bone and Blood (1:28)

Abrasive and to the point

7. For She Hath Rebelled (2:44)

Closure to track 3. Offbeat electronica highlighting something uncomfortable approaching


Brew Pairing

Black Heart Stout from Middle Ages Brewing in Syracuse New York. 6.6% ABV Irish dry stout. Large amounts of roasted barley and chocolate malt are balanced by a big addition of flaked barley and the world's finest British pale ale malt. Extremely roasty but still highly drinkable.

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