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King Woman (Celestial Blues)

Crank this to 8.7 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Doom, Post-doom

Sounds Like: True Widow, Chelsia Wolfe, Windhand

Homeland: Oakland, California

King Woman

Album Overview

  • The second full length from one of California's most mysterious and etherial doom bands

  • The vocal style of Kris Esfandiari is haunting, seductive and very distinctive

  • This album has an ominous flow, it's very spacious and brings forth a lonesome feel

  • We've noticed this album is a grower. The more we keep in our rotation, the more it just sucks us in... it's one hell of an alluring album. You cannot digest in one sitting or preview

  • Celestial Blues was recorded in Oakland, California by GRAMMY-nominated engineer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Amenra, Oathbreaker)



1. Celestial Blues 04:36

2. Morning Star 03:53

3. Boghz 05:23

4. Golgotha 06:04

5. Coil 03:01

6. Entwined 06:04

7. Psychic Wound 03:20

8. Ruse 04:18

9. Paradise Lost 04:10


Standout Tracks:

Boghz (5:23)

Let this song build, the patience pays off. The contrast between the soft moments and the rustic heavy sludge is fantastic.

Psychic Wound (3:20)

Maybe the heaviest song of the lot. Vocalist Kris Esfandiari unleashes some inner demons here.

4. Golgatha (6:04)

Amazing soft theatrical vocals here. The dark tribal-like percussion and minimalist guitars give way to atmospheric doom, all the while her vocals stay the course... brilliant.


Brew Pairing

If your into sours grab some Raspberry and Blood Orange Sour by Canada-based brewery Mill Street Brewing. This 5% sour can be overwhelming at first, but stick with it, it pays off with delicious and strong flavors. A great pairing with King Woman.

King Woman are:

Kris Esfandiari - Vocals

Joseph Raygoza - Drums

Peter Arendorf - Guitars

Follow King Woman: Facebook / Bandcamp

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