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King Buffalo (ST)

Crank this to 7.5 of 11

Released: 2013

Genre: Stoner rock

Sounds Like: Dead Meadow, Hookworms

King Buffalo

Emerging from the depths of the cold, snowy Rochester, NY, we welcome the up and coming King Buffalo. Their blend of stoner rock is vibrant, trippy and captivating, as this 3-song demo shows some maturity and depth, which is impressive given the style of music this is. The production is solid as the instruments are layered, smooth and distinct, making for an impressive debut.

Opening the album is "Pocket Full of Knife", this drifty song slowly builds with soft trippy, echoed guitar tones, a creeping bass undercurrent follows as the drums are introduced, fitting flawlessly into the vibe. The easy-going, laid back vocals are impressive as the band members sing in a harmonious splendor, giving the listener a sense of contentment; while letting the music breathe, making for a mesmerizing first track. Overall the song achieves an open air escape where you just close your mind sets adrift. We find some of the guitar work reminiscent of old Monster Magnet.

Track two "In Dim Light" is a bit denser; it has an early Dead Meadow heaviness to it. The solo vocal is strong as it has a lofty Jim Morrison feeling, and yes they do inject various moments of harmonizing, feeling quite natural. The 11:15 minute "Providence Eye" is a stoner rock delight, moving in and out between mellow jams and heavy riffs. The seductive sound of the bass carries this song, especially during the low moments. The song will eventually expand and build into a bluesy, up-tempo jamming good time than relax a bit towards the end, bringing the album to a great closing.

King Buffalo have put forth one of the more detailed and diverse stoner rock eps in the last few years. Three cuts very well thought out. A nice teaser that has our editors fired up to grab their full length on the near horizon.

Standout Track(s): Pocket Full of Knife

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