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Kabbalah (The Omen)

Crank this to 8.6 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Doom

Sounds Like: Ghost, Hookworms, Witchcraft

Homeland: Pamplona, Spain


Track Overview:

1. Stigmatized (3:56)

Sultry fuzz from Alba on this one... we love it.

2. Ceibas (3:16)

Some different vocal harmony slants grow on you over time.

3. Night Comes Near (3:51)

Simplest track of the lot with unique 60's era harmonies.

4. The Ritual (3:19) Standout Track

Blissful doom here with majestic spiraling fretwork... wish it was longer.

5. Lamentations (3:24)

Creepy and illusive.

6. Labyrinth (3:47)

70s inspired vocal melodies on this one, cool "Batman" like fretwork in the beginning.

7. Duna (3:19)

Wild build-up on this track with a powerful close.

8. Liturgy (4:14)

Marching forward movement that spirals out to soothing closure.


Album Nuggets

  • Female trio from Spain deliver some raw and dark perspectives on their second full-length.

  • Album has a very classic and authentic feel. Cool production makes for a very warm, steady and calming effect.

  • Alba's fuzzy fretwork combined with the sultry vocals of Carmen and Marga make for a very engrossing piece of work

  • Overall... very steady and soothing album.


Brew Pairing

Give 'Gambar Export Tres Maltas' to match the overcast ways of Kabbalah. From Zaragoza Group this extra lager hits you with 7% ABV. This is almost a craft beer that wins you over with its full-bodied creamy texture, a taste finely balanced between its bitter finish and a delicious sweetness. It also boasts an exquisite aroma with hints of syrupy fruit and dried flowers.

Kabbalah are:

Carmen - drums and vocals

Marga - bass and vocals

Alba - guitar

Follow Kabbalah: Bandcamp / Facebook


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