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Judge Bitch (Temple Serpent)

Turn this to 4.9 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Synthwave, Progressive

Sounds Like: Colony 5, Night Runner

Homeland: New York

Judge Bitch

Track Overview:

1. Kingsnake 03:13

First few seconds teases with some engaging progressive guitar licks. Than time warps into an all out 80s synthwave fest where electronics meet progressive rock.

2. Eternal Champion 03:35

80s movie Rad inspiring theme. Cool for a bit, but the cheese factor is high.

3. Thunder Warriors 03:46

A ‘never give up’ inspired jam. We gave up 2 minutes in.

4. Coin Thief 03:11

80s progressive Long Island mall music. This track does however sound good when cranked.

5. Miracle Mission 04:22

More of the same... makes you want to break out your old huffy dirt bike and head out for a ride.

6. Night Owl 03:24 Standout Track

A manic tune with impressive synth work.

5. The Runner 03:14

Yup, this track is meant to inspire your passion for running. The only thing it inspires is hitting the next button.

6. Summoner 03:50

Nothing really different here, but we expected nothing more.

7. Paladin 03:40

We love it, sounds like Blondie’s “Call Me”.


Album Nuggets

  • Nice production overall and does have a great sound on headphones.

  • The album cover drew us in. We thought it would have a power metal feel... we were way off.

  • After a few rotations, the album wears thin and and falls by the way side. But if get that sudden urge to hear some 80s progressive synthwave keep this album in your collection.


Brew Pairing

Lampshade Party Ale by Bells Brewery pairs well with this album. At 9% this dry hopped IPA will do the trick when listening to all this progressive synth.

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