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Jovontaes (Electric Fog Machine)

Crank this to 8.7 of 11

Released: 2015

Genre: Instrumental, Psychedelic, Space Rock

Sounds Like: Moon Duo, Woodsman, Wooden Shijps


It was July 25, 2015 In Brooklyn New York. A warm summer day filled with bands playing at festivals and various venues within the robust Brooklyn music scene. We experienced perhaps close to twenty bands or more that day of which many were native to the Brooklyn area. Our night ended at the Palisades, a somewhat shoddy venue with good acoustics that holds perhaps 350 at capacity.

We would've never guessed that the most talented and engaging act during the entire day would be a three-piece band hailing from Kentucky. Jovontaes quickly won the crowd over with their intense high-energy psychedelic and stoner rock. After their set we ventured over to the merchandise table and had a chance to speak to the three gents. We grabbed a copy of the Electric Fog Machine and quickly put it in queue for heavy rotation. We were surprised to find out that the album did not feature the intensity and heaviness of their live performance. What the album does feature is 15 very diverse tracks and over 70 minutes of euphoric psychedelic laced splendor.


1. Golden Blonde

Contains piercing guitar blended amongst unique percussion and a tropical motif.

2. I Got a Rocket

A lo-fi 60s psychedelic rock trip that morphs into space rock. Terrific track.

3. Petrichor

Is this a lost track off of Sleep's Holy Mountain? Jovontaes turns doommy.

4. Blende

A three minute whirlwind of heavy distortion and dismay.

5. Ventura

Experimental noise rock

6. At the Gate

Sounds like this one was recorded inside a tunnel. Contains bizarre tones but unique improvisation feel.

7. Cheap Ride

Hendrix on Mars for a trippy two minute ride.

8. Banshee Belt

Lo-fi punk that is a little out of place.

9. Take a Hike

60s garage funk containing some very wet bass.

10. A New Low

Heavy stoner psych rock very much in line with their live performance.

11. Float Bowl

Over eight minutes of dark ambiance experimental noise fusion.

12. Wobbles

Close to nine minutes of jazzy psychedelic brilliance.

13. Scammer

Evil supernatural experimental noise.

14. Raga rag

30 seconds of fuck around sitar work

15. Zonarhropy/Blowout

Superb ending with the phenomenal bass and filthy guitar licks.

Electric Fog Machine is a tremendously diverse and entertaining piece of work. What a bright future the lads from Kentucky have. We were certainly happy to witness their sensational live performance. You should grab this album as it's a terrific diverse addition for your music collection. Certainly do not miss the opportunity to catch them live as well.

Standout Tracks: I Got a Rocket, A New Low, Wobbles

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