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Jerky Dirt (Orse)

Crank this to 8.3 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Stoner rock

Sounds Like: Naevus, Atomic Bitchwax, Spiritual Beggers

Homeland: Nottingham, UK

Jerky Dirt

Album Overview

  • Jerky Dirt moves in the right direction with their 4th release and big upgrade from our 2019 review of their sophomore album Kaleidotropic

  • The fretwork shines here. So much fuzz making for an excellent headphone experience.

  • Lead vocals play like a progressive rock band’s journey. An acquired taste where awkward tones squeak in

  • The fretwork shines here. So much fuzz making for an excellent headphone experience

  • For fans or early 90s stoner. Some great reflective riffs across the board. Warm fuzz


Track Breakdown:

1. Alektrophobia (5:09)

Nice grinding instrumental to kick us off and wet our appetite for the amazing fretwork to come.

2. Ygor’s Lament (4:15)

Vocals take some adjusting but let them settle in here…….chage-up at the 2 min mark is brilliant.

3. Orse, part 1 (6:56)

Trouble-like riffs on this one, back and forth reverb is inviting.

4. Eh-iss (1:47)

Feel the sun rays warm you skin with this acoustic interlude.

5. Ozma of Oz (4:57)

Love any song that starts immediately with an ‘uncle salty’ riff.

6- In Mind (7:06) Standout Track

By far the most layered track of the lot, great build-up and 90s feel stoner. Spacial.

7. The Beast (3:52)

Fuzz gets cranked up a notch on this one…..great stuff as the album gains momentum finishing strong with last 3 tracks.

8. Smoogie Boogie (2:32)

instrumental grooves as the name suggests.

9. Orse, part 2 (6:57)


Brew Pairing

Elsie Mo a glorious golden Ale at 4.7% ABV from Castle Rock Brewery in Nottingham UK is the perfect blend. The beeris derived from the Low Colour Maris Otter malt from which it is exclusively brewed, and which gives the beer its lovely golden hue. A blend of First Gold, Aurora and Bobek hops give the beer its delicate citrus aroma and floral taste. Balanced as fuck for your Orse listening pleasure.

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