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Jericho Fuzz (Last Mission On Earth)

Turn this to 3 of 11

Released: 2013

Genre: Hard Rock

Sounds Like: Jet, Queens of the Stoneage, Our Lady Peace

Jericho Fuzz

Jericho Fuzz from Helsinki, Finland is a mixed bag of rock. After quite a few rotations, we are still a bit unclear what the direction of the band, are they hard rock, stoner, grunge? Well they sort of dip their toes into all these genres at some point. While we love to hear artists dabble in multiple genres, this album seems to wear thin after a while. First off, there is a huge Queens of the Stoneage vibe, Suho Superstar vocals show a love for Josh Homme and he’s not afraid to hide it. Next, we hear some influences from alternative rock band Our Lady Peace. Suho Superstar vocals are also reminiscent to Raine Maida of OLP. And if you dig the hard rock style of Jet, this album may be right up your alley.

Track Listing:

1. Midas Bell 03:27

2. Breaking The Fangs Of A Snake 03:38

3. Castle Made Of Clay 06:14

4. Tools Of Faith 04:30

5. Devils Moon 03:44

6. Crack In My Heart 03:11

7. Tears'n Glue 03:25

8. The Curse Of Daylight 04:36

9. Under The Burning Flag 02:27

10. Black Snow 06:51

11. The End Of June 04:07

The songs on Last Mission on Earth sound very similar to one another, it’s a bit of a waste to break this one down as they don’t stray too far from their formula. Besides the influences we mentioned, they also dive into 90s metal. The first song “Midas Bell” has a moment or two of AC/DC and The Cult guitar styled licks. Track two offers up some mid-tempo catchy rhythms, but is eerily similar to QOTSA. The best song on this album is the last track, “The End Of June”. They shake things up a bit with more Cult styled guitar action and a Jethro Tull-like flute breakdown, very cool. Than they jam a bit like Graveyard, unfortunately is doesn’t last long.

Band Members:

Suho Superstar - Vocals

Mike Acid - Guitars

Tim Torpedo - Bass

Moses Psychosis – Drums

The bottom line is Last Mission On Earth doesn’t offer much in terms of originality and we were a bit skeptical when we learned of the band members stage names. The only two tracks we found redeemable are “Castle Made of Clay,” or The End of June”. After listening to this one a few times we clamored for some QOTSA and the first Our Lady Peace album Naveed to cleanse the palette.

Standout Track: The End Of June.

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