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INTRAVEINEUSE (Chronicles of an Inevitable Outcome)

Crank this to 8.4 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Post-rock, Progressive

Sounds Like: Caspian, We Stood Like Kings, Scale the Summit

Homeland: Paris, France


Track Overview:

1. Chronicles of an Inevitable Outcome (32:29)

A beautifully written Post-rock instrumental that travels through various soundscapes of peacefulness to dramatic heavy atmospheres. Since this is one epic tune broken into three parts, let us take you on a journey through "Chronicles of an Inevitable Outcome'. Intravaneinuse begins with a soft piano driven intro that slowly builds and leads us towards some majestic heavy Post-rock. This oceanic heaviness has an ISIS meets Caspian feel that is monumental. At the 6 minute mark, the band cuts into a sick heavy Cult of Luna vibe, which carries on for a couple of minutes until the cinematic piano takes over... what a fucking great turn of events.

The song takes another wonderful turn at 10:30 in, when we hear the calming sounds of birds among the blissful & uplifting Post-rock. Things suddenly kick into a new gear with a more progressive sound as the band bounces between progressive and Post-rock. Soon after, the song tends to touch upon some Post-doom. They don't quit go full on doom, but they give us a little taste before that crash back into atmospheric Post heaviness.

We are now 21 minutes in and are treated to some mesmerizing soft moments for a bit until things ramp up again. Gotta love the contrast they bring to the table. And let's not forget about the echoed acoustics near the end with the slight sounds of the ocean in the background. From here the song carries on to build up to a sudden close. We were a bit taken back by how the song just cuts off, it tends to bother us. Especially after listening for 32 minutes, we want that dramatic ending. Regardless of the ending, it's a great Post-rock tune to get lost in.


Album Nuggets

  • For a debut EP, this duo really have a direction and a sense of where they want to take their music

  • The production is impressive

  • Complex structures showing quite a bit of balance between the heavy and quiet moments

  • The piano is brilliantly scattered throughout and really makes a difference


Brew Pairing

A nice IPA would be great as you soak in this EP. Grab some Clueless Wonder by Drekker Brewing in North Dakota. This unusual 8.3% IPA is delicious and a bit strong, with his of Mellon and peach.

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