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Inhuman Condition (Rat God)

Crank this to 8.4 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Death metal, Thrash metal

Sounds Like: Obituary, Death, Entombed

Homeland: Florida

Inhuman Condition

Album Overview

  • Rat°God is a healthy dose of Death metal with influences of classic thrash. It will pummel your senses

  • Brings us back to the classic days when bands like Obituary, Death and Entombed ruled the death metal world

  • Vocalist and drummer Jeramie Kling is a fucking metal talent. How the hell can someone sing in this death metal growl and produce swift percussion, it's impressive

  • The old school thrash elements really set them apart from other Death metal acts

  • The album art by Dan Goldsworthy reminds us of late 80s and early 90s thrash / Death metal album covers

  • This is more than your traditional death metal album. There are moments of sludge and classic metal riffs to be discovered


Track List:

1. Euphoriphobia 02:37

2. The Neck Step 03:41

3. Planetary Paroxysm 03:30

4. Killing Pace 03:03

5. Gravebound 04:10

6. Tyrantula 03:49

7. Rat°God 03:23

8. Crown Of Mediocrity 04:11

9. Fait Accompli 04:18


Standout Track(s):

Killing Pace

This track has mosh pit written all over it. Classic thrash meets death metal.


A pummeling tune with great echoed vocals. We hear a bit of Crowbar sludge in this one.


River Runs Red like heaviness will grab ahold of you.

Crown Of Mediocrity

Great vocals combined with this thrash onslaught. We love the low toned growls that fade throughout the song. Just wait until the 2:28 mark, the song just gets crazier, fucking great last half.


Brew Pairing

Go with the 6.8% Brig Stout from Springdale Beer Co. in Massachusetts. This fill bodied stout hits with aromas and tastes of coffee and chocolate.

Inhuman Condition are:

Jeramie Kling - Vocals/Drums

Terry Butler - Bass

Taylor Nordberg - Guitar

Follow Inhuman Condition: Facebook / Bandcamp

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