Hazy Sea (The Journey Collection)

Crank this to 8.2 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Post rock, Rock, instrumental

Sounds Like: Don Caballero, Austin TV

Homeland: Greece

Spire Shards

Track Overview:

1. Heart On Fire (3:32)

A little southern twang and rattle to this one, rambling faire

2. The Journey (5:24)

Soft seaside intro morphs into some very intricate melodies

3. Atlantis (4:13)

Slide guitar mania, we hear Eric Johnson looking down upon the cliffs of Greece.

4. Hometown (4:31)

Soft melodies, calming standard faire

5. Stershark (4:38)

Cheap flavor in these melodies, feel like we have landed in a trailer park

6. Mud (1:43)

Phenomenal little interlude, wish this one would have developed further

7. Samothraki (5:30) Standout Track

beautiful build-up and melodies that shine on this one. Majestic and inviting. Love the uptick at the 3:20 mark

8. Black Seagull (5:15)

This one contains some progressive metal elements…..we like the different direction

9. The Aviator (4:54)

Majestic as the name implies

10. End of Days (2:37)

Acoustic orchestral ending (kind of out of nowhere)

Album Nuggets

  • Although their write-up purports stoner rock, we do not hear it much, more so we hear a southern post rock appeal

  • The band’s 7th release, continues to provide the listener comfort and consistency

  • For listeners looking for ‘while they work’ background with a bit more texture

  • A bit too “southern” for our tastes, tons of slide and familiar hooks

Brew Pairing

Kleos Mastiha (70cl, 30% )Mastiha is a fascinating liqueur created in Greece using the resin of the rare mastiha tree grown