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Hazy Sea (The Journey Collection)

Crank this to 8.2 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Post rock, Rock, instrumental

Sounds Like: Don Caballero, Austin TV

Homeland: Greece

Spire Shards

Track Overview:

1. Heart On Fire (3:32)

A little southern twang and rattle to this one, rambling faire

2. The Journey (5:24)

Soft seaside intro morphs into some very intricate melodies

3. Atlantis (4:13)

Slide guitar mania, we hear Eric Johnson looking down upon the cliffs of Greece.

4. Hometown (4:31)

Soft melodies, calming standard faire

5. Stershark (4:38)

Cheap flavor in these melodies, feel like we have landed in a trailer park

6. Mud (1:43)

Phenomenal little interlude, wish this one would have developed further

7. Samothraki (5:30) Standout Track

beautiful build-up and melodies that shine on this one. Majestic and inviting. Love the uptick at the 3:20 mark

8. Black Seagull (5:15)

This one contains some progressive metal elements…..we like the different direction

9. The Aviator (4:54)

Majestic as the name implies

10. End of Days (2:37)

Acoustic orchestral ending (kind of out of nowhere)


Album Nuggets

  • Although their write-up purports stoner rock, we do not hear it much, more so we hear a southern post rock appeal

  • The band’s 7th release, continues to provide the listener comfort and consistency

  • For listeners looking for ‘while they work’ background with a bit more texture

  • A bit too “southern” for our tastes, tons of slide and familiar hooks


Brew Pairing

Kleos Mastiha (70cl, 30% )Mastiha is a fascinating liqueur created in Greece using the resin of the rare mastiha tree grown on the Greek island of Chios. It's not often seen, but when you do, it's always worth a look. This particular expression is Kleos Mastiha, produced by master distiller Maroussa Tsaxaki using the mastiha tears (the hardened resin) and mastiha essential oils. The name comes from a Greek word meaning “fame or glory attained through good deeds and hard work” - a perfect accompaniment to the Journey Collection along with throwing the full Hazy Sea library on shuffle.

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