Grin's Edge (Burnt Circus)

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Released: 2007

Genre: Hard rock

Sounds Like: Our Lady Peace, The Toadies

Grin's Edge

We dug this one up within the deeper reaches of the bargain bin in one of our favorite used CD store's In Your Ear located in Boston, Massachusetts. Grin's Edge was a very obscure trio from Southern California. There is virtually no history of this band nor could we locate any type of discography on the band. We could also not locate the third band member.

The trio sounds very much like Canadian steadies Our Lady Peace, bleeding conventional hard rock with crisp guitar licks and catchy hooks.

Band Members:

Jared Mullins - guitars, drums, and vocals

Joe Brooks - bass, vocals, piano

Track Listing:

1- Lacerated

2- This Melon

3- Aubrey Sky

4- Penny Gone

5- Farmington Road

6- Red Room

7- Riddle In Steel

8- Powertooth

9- Goldilocks

10- The Version

11- Remedy Stitch

Length- 41:00

The opener, "Lacerated" does little to impress from the get go. Repetitive lyrics like, "hold on hold on hold on" and forced rhyming prove problematic. Midway through the song we could swear Buckcherry is making a guest appearance, but apparently not the case.

Next up, "This Melon" perhaps the best song on the album with its impressive hooks and guitar harmonies. Reminds us of an obscure Blind Melon track. Jared's vocals are very prominent here and you can really hear the Our Lady Peace influence. Angry and antagonistic.

"Aubrey Sky" offers up some chuckles as the riffs are blatantly taken from The Bangles re-make Hazy Shade of Winter.

On a "Penny Gone" one of our favorite instruments, the mandolin, is featured. A bit of a tease, though, as the track is drowned out by overbearing guitar. We appreciated the sporadic use and Hooters-like attempts, but the continuity is just not there.

Track five "Farmington Road" features a nice accompaniment of piano and violin. Unfortunately, Jared's vocals falter quite a bit. If you can get beyond this, the integration of piano and violin work well.

"Red Room" really aggravates us as they work in the way overdone use of numbers and counting to fill out a song. Nursery rhymes and cliches really disappoint on this one.

The next track "Riddle In Steel" includes some solid acoustic guitar work but is absolutely derailed once Bad Company's "Feel Like Making Love" riff kicks in. When you are this obscure you can get away with this stuff apparently.

"Powertooth" gets a little aggressive on us, but the repetitive lyrics are laughable... "Mama's love is a pain killer" after about the twentieth time, we had to fast forward. The next track "Goldilocks" is actually pretty entertaining as the comical lyrics actually work and the track has solid sex appeal to it. Overall a fun vibe.

"The Version" is your typical ballad and really hits a low as Jared alters his voice to a scratch whisper in order to emulate the Goo Goo Dolls. Painful.

The closer, "Remedy Stitch" is one of the better tracks on the album as the trio does a decent job mixing it up and changing tempos along with different vocals and inflections. We would have liked to see other tracks move in this direction.

Overall, we have a sub-par album, clearly influenced by some very good hard rock bands. As Our Lady Peace kind of hit the wall with their later albums, Grin's Edge goes really nowhere as they fail to pull together anything original here. We were hopeful to have stumbled upon a solid hard rock album with power hooks and energy. Instead, what we have here is a mixed back of attempts to try a few different approaches for the successful single that never caught on. - 4/13/2015

Standout Tracks: Remedy Stitch, This Melon


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