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Grey Giant (Turn To Stone)

Turn this to 7.6 of 11

Released: 2022

Genre: Stoner rock

Sounds Like: Gas Giant, Kyuss, Demonauta

Homeland: Spain

Grey Giant Turn to Stone

Album Overview

  • The debut release from Grey Giant impresses with a whopping amount of raw fuzz

  • Turn To Stone has an early 90s stoner rock feel

  • The vocals of Mario Hospital (Pitu) are very raw and a bit offbeat at times, but it works with the music

  • We definitely hear inspiration from bands like early Kyuss (Wretch years) to Lowrider and Mermaid

  • The unfiltered distorted fuzz will lure you in and grab a hold of you


Track Listing:

1. The Man, The Devil & The Grey Giant 7:06

2. Unwritten Letter 6:37

3. Reverb Signals In Key F 5:51

4. Last Bullet 6:27


Standout Tracks

Reverb Signals In Key F

Amazing Fu Manchu-like fuzz rhythms kick off the song than gives way to the desperate vocals. The last minute is a nice jam session to bring us to a close.

Brew Pairing

Grab some Hopsters IPA from Bench Brewing in Canada. This 6.8% hazy IPA is crisp with flavors of citrus which makes for a good pairing with Turned To Stone.

Grey Giant are:

Mario Hospital (Pitu)- Bass & Vocals

Javi Echeverría - Rythm & Lead Guitar

Hugo Echeverría- Rythm & Lead Guitar

Pablo Salmón - Drums

Follow Grey Giant: Bandcamp / Facebook


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