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Godzillionaire (Negative Balance)

Crank this to 8.9 of 11

Released: 2020

Genre: Hard Rock, Grunge

Sounds Like: Paw, Lo Pan


Godzillionare from Lawrence, Kansas have zeroed in on what we love about 90s grunge rock. If you're a fan of Paw as much as we are, then you are in for a real treat. When we found out Paw frontman Mark Hennessy is on lead vocals, we paused for a moment before diving into this album. Make no mistake, it is fucking refreshing to hear his vocal prowess against some heavy music once again.

Negative Balance really took us by surprise, we did not expect to hear Paw, but this is heavy, raunchy and written very well. The album is cemented in grunge roots, yet there is a trippy side heaviness that catapults this album. Check out the tracks "Ghost," and "Curly's Wife (OK The Scene is Set)," these songs just suck you in. The echoed vocals float effortlessly among the consistent mid-tempo rhythms on these songs. Track six, "Reciprocating Engines," is somewhat uplifting while "Never Say Goodbye as a Warning" is brilliant with the use of muffled vocals and shoegazy, grunged-out guitars.

We can go on and on til the cows come home about how involved and captivating this album is. Whether your a fan of grunge or not, Negative Balance needs to be heard and is bound to grab a hold of anyone who follows heavy music.


1. Phone Call Intro: Departure 01:03

2. Exit The Succubus / Bankrupt, Naked, & Void (Theme From "Negative Balance") 03:57

3. The Solution Is Laughable 05:03

4. Ballad Of The Topeka Gentleman 05:12

5. Ghost 05:41

6. Reciprocating Engines (Love Theme from "Negative Balance") 07:19

7. Emergency Weather Update 00:21

8. Never Say Goodbye as a Warning 03:34

9. Smoke 04:08

10. The Song That Left Town & Didn't Leave a Note 03:11

11. Holy Roller 03:25

12. Curly's Wife (OK The Scene is Set) 05:51

13. 64 Palms (Brace for Impact) 05:02

14. Exit Aisle Reprise 02:55

Standout Track(s)

"Curly's Wife (OK The Scene is Set)" and "Ballad Of The Topeka Gentleman" are instant classics.

Adult Beverage Pairing

Grab some Headroom by Trillium Brewing Company based in Massachusettes. This 8% Douple IPA has a citrusy crisp flavor with a full body. It's the perfect companion to Negative Balance (it's actually a perfect balance between sound and taste).



Risk of Subwoofer Damage

8.5 out of 11

Vocal Performance

10 out of 11

Captivation and Variety

8.9 out of 11

Weight of the Heavy

8.6 out of 11

Rhythmic Pace

8.6 out of 11

Fretwork Prowess

8.4 out of 11

Overall Album Flow

8.9 out of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics

8.4 out of 11

Production Value

8.9 out of 11


Final Thoughts

Negative Balance is a welcome surprise in this shitty year. This album brings back our love of 90s grunge, yet they expand upon the genre greatly. Vocalist Mark Hennessy brings back his gritty style and sounds just as good as the Paw years. This is a tough one to preview in one sitting and we highly recommend against this. The album slowly grows on you like a vine as each passing rotation gets better. You will begin to discover all the nuances and tremendous vocals work that make this album special.

Bog Wizard is:

Michael Dye

Mark Hennessy

Justin Parr

Benjamin White

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