Glassing (Twin Dream)

Crank this to 10.1 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Post-metal, Post-hardcore

Sounds Like: Ghost Bath, Bloodiest, Astronoid

Homeland: Austin, Texas


Album Overview

  • The trio from Austin Texas soar to new heights on their third release

  • The high range of discord is saturated with beauty, both woven masterfully into 45 minutes of sonic bliss

  • Twin Dream hits a consistent landscape while crossing over elements of post rock, shoegaze and crunching black metal and post hardcore

  • Pummeling ominous landscapes lead to breathtaking atmospheric heights

  • We appreciate the diversity that Glassing brings. Refreshing to the black metal genre is the their avoidance of monotony and ability to provide contrast and varying tempos

Track Breakdown:

1. Spire (3:37)

Wind blown backdrop fills to fury at the slaughterhouse. Wild contrast at the 2:30 mark where a dramatic screeching halt engulfs the listener.

2. Burden (7:01) Standout Track

You can really feel the depth Glassing has to offer with majestic swirling fretwork that is absolutely entrancing. Burden will take you on a wild ride of pain and beauty.

3. Absolute Virtue (4:10)

Is a black metal faithful through and through. The track does not waiver in anguish.

4. Faint (1:18)

Post-rock interlude.

5. Twin Dreams (6:37)

The title track begins with comforting angelic vocals only to be buttressed further by a pummeling post metal onslaught.

6. Godless Night (6:06)

Minimalism drives a track of relaxation and reflection.

7. Doppler (2:20)

Controlled chaos with blackened vocals of despair.

8. Among the Stars (3:08)

One of the heavier black metal tracks on the album. The beauty is they mix in doom and hardcore layers.

9. Where Everything Is Still (2:22)

Soft interlude on the vein of Faint.

10. True North (4:14)

Crushing swift rhythms interweave beautiful waves of oceanic post metal.