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Crank this to 8.4 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Stoner rock, Metal

Sounds Like: St. Vitus, Black Sabbath, Demonic Death Judge

Homeland: Sweden


Track Overview:

1. Cyanide Nights (5:06)

The album kicks off with some sweet Black Sabbath-like riffs, then the raw vocals come crashing in. The vocal performance of Anders Lundin has a Venom quality which injects an angry tone to the album. Plus, the aquatic bass work is a nice touch.

2. Reign of Fear (3:57)

Another quality stoner tune with great bouncing rhythm. It's like stoner rock meets punk.

3. Vintern 1867 (6:04)

There's some welcome exploration in this song. With the addition of synths and some open space jamming, this track has a 70s anti war psychedelic vibe. The angst vocals remain a constant as the contrast is great on this tune.

4. Creatures of Doom (6:09)

A sludgy tune with moments of stoner rock bliss, a great closer to the EP.


Album Nuggets

  • GLöD is a three piece with tight chemistry that pull off a very impressive debut EP

  • The anger fueled stoner rock is addictive and extremely raw sounding

  • The track "Vintern 1867" shows their willingness to break out from the typical stoner rock structure


Brew Pairing

Let's go with some Double Dry Hopped Space Diamonds by Other Half Brewing Company in Brooklyn, NY. This crisp and slightly cloudy 8.5% IPA will pair well with GLöD.

GLöD are

Anders Lundin: Guitar and Vox

Mathias Öjermark: Bass and Keys

Joshua Atlas: Drums

Follow GLöD: Bandcamp / Facebook


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