Gets Worse (Snubbed)

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Released: 2019

Genre: Hardcore, Power Violence

Sounds Like: Trap Them, Victims

Gets Worse

Embrace the chaos and welcome the powerviolence of Leeds, UK foursome Gets Worse. Snubbed, the bands 11th release is 20 intense songs running at 27 intense minutes. Gets Worse has a genuine hardcore anger that hits you right in the gut, but you don’t mind as you will come back for more. With these many songs its nearly impossible to keep track of where you are on the album. But it doesn't even matter, all the tracks blend together to bring you a lethal dose of adrenaline fueled pure hardcore.

The vocals are so manic and a bit fucked up at times as each member lends their talents, it’s a unique way to use vocals and sets them apart. The production is solid and sounds tremendous when cranked, it adds to the anger. The bottom line is, if you fancy hardcore and punk, do not overlook these guys, they will intensify your heavy collection.

Track Listing:

1. Empty Tank 01:27

2. Attendance Report 00:58

3. Hamster Food 00:52

4. Awkwardly Close 00:38

5. Dernard vs Drenrad 00:54

6. Crushed 01:07

7. El Belcho 01:57

8. Panic Shredder 01:07

9. Carlton Negged 01:58

10. Neck Vein 02:35

11. Fun Borrower 01:12

12. Shwoe Is Me 00:53

13. Redundant 01:10

14. Kool Brewster 01:25

15. 20 Gigaherpz 00:46

16. Mumbloid 00:49

17. Doppelkinda 01:06

18. Heart Leaker 01:01

19. Flies 00:32

20. Rest in Schromph 04:36

Standout Track:

Who the hell knows.

Adult Beverage Pairing:

From Vermont, grab some Double Nelson IPA by Hill Farmstead Brewery. This 8.00% ABV IPA is a bit strong with flavors of citrus.


Vocal Performance

8.7 of 11

Risk of Subwoofer Damage

8.4 of 11

Captivation and Variety

8.5 of 11