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Geezer (Stoned Blues Machine)

Crank this to 8.6 of 11

Released: 2022

Genre: Stoner rock

Sounds Like: The Sword, Crowbar, Wo Fat

Homeland: Kingston, NY

Geezer Stoned Blues Machine

Album Overview

  • Geezer returns with their signature sound of blues inspired heavy fuzz

  • Stoned Blues Machine is groovy as fuck and will keep your foot tapping throughout the entire album

  • Sonic heavy rhythms lead the way as Geezer will pull you into their blues inspired stoner vortex

  • Pat Harrington shines with his classic gruff vocal tone and dense rhythmic guitar playing, his style works as Geezer is becoming a steady player in the stoner rock scene

  • Geezers' performance at this years Desertfest NYC was superb and we were lucky enough to witness the stoned fuzz in action


Track Listing:

1. Atomic Moronic 4:23

2. Logan's Run 4:52

3. A Cold Black Heart 6:39

4. Stoned Blues Machine 6:00

5. Broken Glass 3:57

6. Eleven 4:26

7. Saviours 5:33

8. The Diamond Rain Of Saturn 7:03


Standout Tracks

Logan's Run

Just flat out addicting tune and easy to get into. Classic stoner vibes here.

A Cold Black Heart

This song gets us fired up on every listen, it's got some great swagger to it.

Brew Pairing

Lets go with a brew from Upstate, NY. Keep It Crunchy by Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, NY is a hardy 6.5% granola stout. With complex flavors of oatmeal and cranberries, this brew is a great pairing with Stoned Blues Machine.

Geezer are:

Pat Harrington - Guitar, Vocals

Richie Touseull – Bass

Steve Markota – Drums & Percussion

Follow Geezer: Bandcamp / Facebook


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