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Geezer (Gage)

Crank this to 8.1 of 11

Released: 2015

Genre: Stoner Rock

Sounds Like: The Midnight Ghost Train, Karma To Burn


Hailing from Kingston, NY the trio named Geezer provides us with an onslaught of slide guitar and sweaty stoner blues on their sophomore release. Thankfully, we grabbed the re-released EP which contains the new epic 14 minute track "Tales of Murder And Unkindness". Let us cut to the chase on this one, "Tales of Murder and Unkindness" is by far the best track on the EP. This leads us to believe that the band is still tweaking their sound and looking to hit their stride. This 14 minute track stands out from the rest as a vibrant well-crafted song that still keeps the bluesy flavor and swampy mojo. It's well crafted structure provides just enough gritty vocals and vivid lyrics to set a clear tone... "when we come for you, there will be blood".

Track Listing:

1. Ancient Song - 7:34

2. Thorny - 4:01)

3. Ghost Rider Solar Plexus - 6:33

4. Tales of Murder and Unkindness - 14:27

5. Dude it's Molecular - 4:08

Jumping back to the first track, we struggle a little bit with the shaky lyrics and regurgitation of the fact that this is an "ancient song". The song does keep our interest however with its bluesy edge and solid production. The next track "Thorny" has a real western slide flair as lead singer, Pat Harrington, preaches through megaphone or vocal distortion. This track holds up very well and we enjoy the contrast with the mellow backdrop and energetic vocals. "Ghost Rider Solar Plexus" melds the prowess of Nebula's space rock with the drive of Karma to Burn. We do get we a little antsy, however, as the lyrics get a little to simplistic and less trippy. Poor lyrics that stand out can quickly deflate our enthusiasm. The track does take a nice turn at the three minute and 20 seconds mark as they bring it down and have and a full frontal jam session for the last four minutes of the track. between us live guitar and bass real sharp ending to a mediocre beginning. 'Dude it's Molecular' is a live rustic track featuring some low-budget production that actually provides a nice contrast forcing us to sharpen our hearing for the slick and slipper slide guitar work and laid back percussion.

Ultimately, if you are not a fan of the slide guitar, this album is not for you. Harrington is clearly above average on the slide guitar and bleeds the blues. Geezer takes a gritty formula making a very positive step in their career for their second release. The addition of 'Tales of Murder and Unkindness' really gets us fired up for their next release. No question you must burn this track at a minimum. The trio should continue to build upon this epic tune and take their sound to the next level. The world needs more gritty stoner blues and Geezer may have some real positive momentum for their next release.

Standout Tracks: Tales of Murder and Unkindness

Band Members:

Pat Harrington - Guitar, Vocals

Freddy Villano- Bass

Chris Turco- Drums

Follow Geezer: Bandcamp / Facebook


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