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Fostermother (The Ocean)

Crank this to 9.8 of 11

Released: 2022

Genre: Stoner rock, Heavy rock

Sounds Like: Rezn, Forming the Void, Elephant Tree

Homeland: Houston, Texas


Album Overview

  • Fostermother return with another spaced out fuzzed album loaded with peaks and valleys of psychedelic heavy rock

  • The album kicks off with the mesmerizing "Sunday" and you know what's in store for the next 44 minutes... stoner doom bliss

  • The Ocean will take you on a chilled out journey of comforting heavy stoner doom

  • They chose to slow things down just a bit from their previous release, yet it feels somewhat heavier

  • The spacious Rezn-like vocals provide great contrast among the dense music


Track Listing:

1. Sunday 4:27

2. Seasons 5:12

3. Hedonist 4:50

4. Dark Desires 3:27

5. Unholiest of Days 4:08

6. The Ocean 5:39

7. Arrival 4:34

8. Redeemer 5:14

9. Solitude 6:37


Standout Track(s)


This sonic piece of stoner doom hits with a stellar heavy rhythm and addicting soothing vocals.

Dark Desires

Back-to-back with "Hedonist" keeps the thick riffs moving along. We hear a bit of new Alice In Chains deep in the music.


Brew Pairing

White Out by Ontario, Canada bases Sleeping Giant Brewing. This 6.1% IPA is crisp and hazy with tropical flavors. A nice pairing with The Ocean.

Fostermother are:

Travis Weatherred (Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Synth)

Stephen Griffin (Bass, Keys, Additional Guitar)

Jason Motamedi

Follow Fostermother: Bandcamp / Facebook


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