Firstborne (ST)

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Released: 2020

Genre: Metal, Hard Rock

Sounds Like: Badlands, Lynch Mob, Tesla


Drummer and founder of Lamb of God joins forces with bassist James LoMenzo of (former White Lion, Black Label Society, and Lynch Mob fame) to pull together an EP that messages change and hope during the dark shadows we currently face. They have pulled in a premier vocalist, Girish Pradham, from India making a big impression on critics around the world. The final product sounds like a well produced 90s hair metal album. The 16 minute self-titled project displays splashes of impressive percussion and vibrant fretwork, but overall feels very rushed and slapped together. The second track "The Anthem" painfully drills “its got to stop right now” into your brain with typical hard rock anthemic melodies. Girish does have pipes, but it does not resonate well under theses short simplistic, “here is our hook” and exit formula.

Track Listing

1. Primordial (3:49)

2. The Anthem (3:22)

3. Roll The Dice (2:48)

4. Apocalypse (2:50)

5. Hunter Hunted (3:04)

Standout Track

The closer "Hunter Hunted" is the heaviest of the lot, featuring some terrific production and headphone riff delight. We appreciate the grinding and swirling fretwork melodies along with Girish’s more caustic vocal attempt. The track shines with a early 90s shrill and warmth.

Adult Beverage Pairing

Welcome this spicy, sweet and strong Belgian ale at 9.0% ABV.Devil’s Advocatebrewed by Church Street Brewing Co. may be a nice pick me up to blend with Firstborne.


Captivation and Variety

5.6 out of 11

Weight of the Heavy

6.8 out of 11

Fretwork Prowess

7.2 out of 11

Bass Undercurrent

5.2 out of 11


5.6 out of 11

Overall Album Flow

6.1 out of 11


5.7 out of 11