Fire Down Below (Viper Vixen Goddess Saint)

Crank this to 8.3 of 11

Released: 2014

Genre: Stoner rock

Sounds Like: Truckfighters, Kyuss, Stick

Fire Down Below

Fire Down Below deliver some massive grinding grooves coupled with wildly intense bass-work on their debut album entitled Viper Vixen Goddess Saint. The band hailing from Ghent, Belgium has a refreshing sound that brings back some old school grunge melodies along with sporadic more modern contrasts. We suggest not let the opening lyrics from the first full track "Through Dust and Smoke" discourage you. While not the strongest of opening lines, things take a quick turn for the better thereafter. Throughout the album we hear Kyuss influences layered with steady bass-lines ala Fu Manchu. Polished production that contains some dramatic highs and lows contributes making Viper Vixen Goddess Saint an impressive headphone experience.

Track Listing:

1. El Viento del Desierto (:55)

2. Through Dust and Smoke (4:19)

3. Roadrunner (5:58)

4. Universe Crumble (8:30)

5. Dashboard Jesus (6:02)

6. Resurreccion (1:34)

7. The Mammoth (11:00)

Standout Track

The space rock stoner infusion within the closer entitled "The Mammoth" is just too hard to pass-up. Tremendous contrasts on this track. The interplay between Gurney and Wynsberghe is downright impressive.

Adult Beverage Pairing

Talk about crisp production, we would highly recommend some Chimay (7-9% ABV). Made by the Trappist monks of Forges-les-Chimay in southern Belgium, Chimay beers are widely regarded as being amongst the best in the world. Of the several brews they produce, these two are the most readily available, fruity and strong, deep in body, and somewhat spicy with a hint of nutmeg and thyme.


Sam Nuytens - drums

Jeroen Van Troye - rythm guitar and vocals

Kevin Gernaey - lead guitar

Bert Wynsberghe - bass guitar

Final Thoughts

Fire Down Below show significant promise with their debut album. Overall this album has a very good mix of heavy grooves and enough variety to keep the listener engaged and wanting more. While the backbone of the album may be the grinding fretwork, there is some very strong contrasts here. "Universe Crumble" ultimately breaks things up nicely with its melodic slow build and the closing track will cause the lowering of your jawbone. There is enough freshness here to keep this one in heavy rotation and add it to your splendid collection..

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