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Faetooth (Remnants of the Vessel)

Crank this to 9.5 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2022

Genre: Doom

Sounds Like: Blackwater Holylight, Acid King

Homeland: California


Album Overview

Faetooth have delivered a rather dark and lonesome sounding album here. Remnants of the Vessel has the foundation of traditional doom, buts its more than your repetitive smoke filled riffs. This album displays a trippy and psychedelic tone with intriguing lyrics. The patients on display flows beautifully between rich layers of witchcrafty doom and a few black metal moments. Nothing feels forced or out of place, it's an impressive feat for a new band as they have tremendous doom vision.


The Music

The album is basically loaded primarily with doom structures, yet they seem to throw in some dark shoegaze. The bass is bottomless while the guitars hit with a low, drug induced fuzz. The drumming ties it all up with heavy, grounding rhythms. The production is wonderful and gives off a warm heaviness that fits winter perfectly.


The Vocals

This is where the album shines and separates them from the pack. Every member contributes vocally. One moment, the vocals are soft and elegant, then they are joined by desperation fueled angst and a bit of black metal other times; it's an amazing turn of events. Plus the harmonies throughout add a sense of loneliness at times.


Album Art

The artwork definitely captures their sound. It lured us into their psychedelic doom world.


Standout Track(s)

La Sorcière

Dark to the core. This spiraling doom affair showcases the many vocal talents on display along with a haunting tone. The last half of the song has some underlying demonic screams nestled deeply into the music.


Track Listing:

1. (i) naissance :41

2. Echolalia 5:06

3. La Sorcière 6:05

4. She Cast a Shadow 4:11

5. (ii) limbo 3:08

6. Remains 7:01

7. Discarnate 5:10

8. Strange Ways 7:22

9. (iii) moribund 1:00

10. Saturn Devouring His Son 9:31


Brew Pairing

Fayston Maple Imperial Stout by 
Lawson's Finest Liquids in Vermont. This 10.5% stout is brewed with loads of roasted and black malts with a hefty dose of Vermont Maple Syrup, then aged in Mad River Distillers "Maple Cask Rum" charred oak barrels from Warren, VT. A unique beer and wonderful pair with Remnants of the Vessel.

Faetooth are:

Ashla Chavez-Razzano

Jenna Garcia

Ari May

Rah Kanan

Follow Faetooth: Bandcamp / Facebook


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