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Eildola (The Architect)

Crank this to 8.3 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Progressive Rock, Post Hardcore

Sounds Like: Circa Survive, Dance Gavin Dance,The Dear Hunter

Homeland: Salt Lake City, Utah


Album Overview

  • The band’s third full-length as lead singer Andrew Wells bounces between the two bands Eidola and Dance Gavin Dance

  • Wells delivers his impressive vocal range throughout. We hear shifting points of Bieber-like harmonies to Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley

  • Superb production and a pleasure on headphones accentuating the onslaught of angles

  • Not all that divergent from the first two albums. Formulaic post hardcore with emotional ups and downs and tight as fuck percussion


Track Breakdown:

1. Hidden Worship (2:52)

Like the darker direction and intro here.

2. Counterfeit Shrines (4:34) Standout Track

Most impressive contrasts on the album. Melancholy tones make for one hell of a track. Pinpoint fretwork and layers upon layers of build.

3. Caustic Prayer (3:38)

swirling dervish of fretwork pleasantry. Anthemic to the bone, love the pop hooks.

4. Empty Gardens (4:51)

Bieber takes a hold throughout this track.

5. Occam’s Razor (1:51)

Nice piano and soft Bieber-like vocal interlude

6. Perennial Philosophy (4:03)

Toto synths with and heartwarming melodies. Majestic moments.

7. Forgotten Tongues (3:53)

Linkin Park duality, with distractive background feeds. Medina is tremendous on guitar.

8. Unequivocal Nature (3:38)

Rough start with the hard edge... a bit forced, but alas the softer side of Wells takes over saving the track.

9. Alchemist Ascendant (1:16)

Quality filler

10. Elephant Bones (4:25)

Track kind of hovers not much movement on this one.

11. Mutual Fear (feat Jon Mess) (3:52)

Welcome Dance Gavin Dance vocalist, certainly makes sense to give this a shot.

12. Ancient Temperament (6:30)

Most experimental track of the lot and our second favorite on the album. Paints a unique atmosphere, we appreciate the newer angles and closing expanse.


Brew Pairing

Red Rock Brewings’s triumphant Elephant Double IPA works well with the Architect’s onslaught of sound and hoppy. This fucker hits you with wonderful citrus notes and gritty hops that will challenge your taste buds for the good.

Eildola are:

Andrew Wells – lead vocals, guitar

James Johnson – bass guitar

Matthew Dommer – rhythm guitar, unclean vocals

Matthew Hansen – drums, percussion

Sergio Medina – lead guitar

Follow Eildola: Bandcamp / Facebook


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