Eildola (The Architect)

Crank this to 8.3 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Progressive Rock, Post Hardcore

Sounds Like: Circa Survive, Dance Gavin Dance,The Dear Hunter

Homeland: Salt Lake City, Utah


Album Overview

  • The band’s third full-length as lead singer Andrew Wells bounces between the two bands Eidola and Dance Gavin Dance

  • Wells delivers his impressive vocal range throughout. We hear shifting points of Bieber-like harmonies to Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley

  • Superb production and a pleasure on headphones accentuating the onslaught of angles

  • Not all that divergent from the first two albums. Formulaic post hardcore with emotional ups and downs and tight as fuck percussion

Track Breakdown:

1. Hidden Worship (2:52)

Like the darker direction and intro here.

2. Counterfeit Shrines (4:34) Standout Track

Most impressive contrasts on the album. Melancholy tones make for one hell of a track. Pinpoint fretwork and layers upon layers of build.

3. Caustic Prayer (3:38)

swirling dervish of fretwork pleasantry. Anthemic to the bone, love the pop hooks.

4. Empty Gardens (4:51)

Bieber takes a hold throughout this track.

5. Occam’s Razor (1:51)

Nice piano and soft Bieber-like vocal interlude

6. Perennial Philosophy (4:03)

Toto synths with and heartwarming melodies. Majestic moments.

7. Forgotten Tongues (3:53)

Linkin Park duality, with distractive background feeds. Medina is tremendous on guitar.

8. Unequivocal Nature (3:38)

Rough start with the hard edge... a bit forced, but alas the softer side of Wells takes over saving the track.

9. Alchemist Ascendant (1:16)

Quality filler

10. Elephant Bones (4:25)

Track kind of hovers not much movement on this one.

11. Mutual Fear (feat Jon Mess) (3:52)