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Eight Bells (Legacy of Ruin)

Crank this to 9.2 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2022

Genre: Post-doom, Post metal

Sounds Like: Empress, Pallbearer

Homeland: Portland, Oregon

Eight Bells

Album Overview

  • Eight Bells return with an all consuming blend of Post-metal and Doom

  • Legacy of Ruin is an album that cannot be previewed, as it travels through so many avenues of metal. You'll hear modern Pallbearer-like Doom to Post-death and progressive metal; it's quite a journey

  • Melynda Jackson's vocals do don't sway much at all, no matter how heavy the album gets. She stays the course of this hypnotic, trippy soft tone

  • Joined by bassist Matt Solis on vocals, the dual vocals really help elevate their sound

  • The contrast on this album is amazing, it's a beautiful blend of dark cathartic doom and intense raging Post-metal


Track Listing:

1. Destroyer 08:14

2. The Well 11:09

3. Torpid Dreamer 04:45

4. Nadir 05:14

5. The Crone 07:47

6. Premonition 09:28


Standout Track(s)

The Well

This song for some reason grabbed a hold of us. The intense and spacious doom will seep into your mind. The etherial vocals from Melynda add a sense of dark elegance, it's a beautiful track.


Brew Pairing

Think Piece by Toppling Goliath Brewing in Iowa makes for a nice pairing. This 7.8% IPA is a bit fruity, but not over the top with a somewhat dry finish.

Eight Bells are:

Melynda Jackson - Vocals, Guitars

Matt Solis - Vocals, Bass

Brian Burke - Drums

Follow Eight Bells: Bandcamp / Facebook


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