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Dusk in Silence (Beneath The Great Sky Of Solitude)

Crank this to 8.2 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Black metal

Sounds Like: Alcest, Gladius Sky, Cor Scorpii

Homeland: Indonesia

Dusk In Silence

Track Overview:

1. Dusk In Silence (5:31)

We are thrusted right into the metal onslaught from the very first note. Steadfast percussion meets swift guitars that combine for an atmospheric black metal experience. The vocals are grim and raw as you would expect for this genre. It's a great opening tune that sets the tone for the album.

2. The Goddess Of Eclipse (5:42)

This track has an inspiring Black metal feel with some kick ass galloping rhythms.

3. An Ode To Eternity (5:22)

We get a feeling of old Alcest nestled into this track. It's relentless, yet mesmerizing all at once.

4. Wandering The Mortal Realm (4:58)

It's nice to hear a song with a soft opening. Sounds of footsteps outside during a storm has us intrigued, perhaps it's the children from the cover. This ends up leading to more atmospheric metal to sink your teeth into.

5. Towards The Infinite Horizon (6:23)

Six minutes of Black metal fury... we would expect nothing less.

6. Dekap (6:01)

The dramatic opening gives way to more speed blackened metal.


Album Nuggets

  • For a one-man project, this is some good Black metal, very impressive

  • The songs on Beneath The Great Sky Of Solitude sound very similar to one another. The six tracks blend together very well

  • The album cover is painted by the brilliant work from Indonesian artist Aghy Purakusuma


Brew Pairing

Let's go with Plague Of Angels from Mountain Brewing in Seattle, Washington. This 9.6% Stout pack some punch, so drink with caution. Otherwise makes nice sidekick while listening to dusk in Silence.

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