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Dreadnought (The Endless)

Crank this to 9.8 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2022

Genre: Post-metal, Progressive metal

Sounds Like: MWWB, Empress, Myrkur

Homeland: Colorado

Dreadnought The Endless

Album Overview

The latest release by the Colorado-based quintet is very difficult to pin down to just one genre. The Endless contains various layers of Post-metal, Progressive metal, Black metal and some ambiance; it's one of those genre defying albums. It may sound like a lot of musical styles to crammed into an album, but man they make it work. We highly recommend diving into this one if you need to fill your metal void. Then back track and check out the previous four albums, there is so much to explore here.


As we stated earlier, The Endless crosses into so many genres. The spacious ambient moments contrasts against the heaviness perfectly. The patience and exploration on this album is very impressive and really draws us in. We must mention the minimalist keyboards and piano work from Lauren, they add a soft Post-rock feel at times.


The vocals of Kelly Schilling and Lauren Vieira are tremendous. Their chemistry is flawless and work very well together. From the rustic Rasputina-like vocals to the harsh, yet beautiful Black metal tones, it's a whirlwind of emotions from seduction to angst.


The dark and all consuming painting by Reza Afshar fits the album perfectly. We love how the band chose to minimize their name and album name to showcase the art.


Track Listing:

1. Worlds Break 8:28

2. Midnight Moon 6:42

3. The Endless 4:39

4. Liminal Veil 9:07

5. Gears Of Violent Endurance 6:09

6. The Paradigm Mirror 6:01


Standout Track(s)

Midnight Moon

Terrific complementing vocals overlay the uplifting post-ambiance to start. The song slowly shifts towards a darker spiraling heaviness while the blackened vocals take over. It's remarkable the transformation this song goes through.

Gears of Violent Endurance

Great title to a song and man this one is punishing and beautiful at the same time. Terrific contrast between the heavy and soft moments really showcase their craft.


Brew Pairing

Grab some Eviscerated Pathway Of Beauty by Tired Hands Brewing Company in Pennsylvania. This 8.9% IPA balances well between sweet and bitterness with aromas of citrus. A great pairing with The Endless.

Dreadnought are:

Kelly Schilling - Guitar/Vocals

Jordan Clancy - Drums

Kevin Handlon - Bass

Emily Shreve - Keyboards/Vocals

Ryan Sims - Guitar

Follow Dreadnought: Bandcamp / Facebook


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