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DOGMATA (More Than Alone)

Crank this to 8.5 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Psychedelic Electronica, Lounge Rock

Sounds Like: Chrome Sparks, Flying Lotus

Homeland: Leeds, UK


Track Overview:

1. I Died Retrieving My Guitar From a House Fire (7:22)

Fuzz erotic, is Steve Vai back in action? Wild stuff

2. Ruminations on Kubrick (1:10)

Funky interlude homage to one of our favorite directors

3. Grey Prickles and Prickly Goo (4:34)

Melody exudes X-files memories

4. Chewing Fat(5:00)

Tremendous bass-line on this one blending funk and fuzz

5. Hyperspace Disturbance at the Edge Of the Galaxy (3:45)

Mellowest yet creepiest undercurrent of the lot. Brilliant subtle synth-work

6. Kitty Getting High on Bubblegum and Catnip (7:46) Standout Track

King Gizzard on meth, intro bedazzles and the last 2 minutes take us off into the sunset



Album Nuggets

  • Creative chillax with a heavy edge

  • Guitar fuzz and electronica have never blended so well... refreshing as fuck

  • Calm with a creative fuzzy edge

  • This gives us new revived hope for electronica and exploration of the heavy

  • Checkout the other premium innovative releases from ENDLESSLY RECORDS


Brew Pairing

From Leeds Brewery lets go with their resourceful batch of Midnight Bell at 4.8% ABV. A premium dark ale that features crystal and chocolate malts for a full bodied, complex character that is so perfect with the psychedlic electronica of DOGMATA.

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