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Demoniac (So It Goes)

Crank this to 8.8 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal, Death Metal

Sounds Like: Sigh, Kreator, Testament

Homeland: Chile


Track Overview:

1. RSV - Fools Coincidence - Testigo (7:25)

Right from the start, Demoniac hits us with some classic thrash riffs. The speed metal onslaught takes us back to early Testament or Kreator days while sounding fresh. The vocals are raw and a bit on the death metal side. A great opening tune.

2. The Trap (3:41)

The trippy piano intro leads to some intense progressive speed metal. The vocals have a blackened hollow feel. This is trippy thrash here folks, get on it.

3. Extraviado (4:33)

A jazzy intro out of nowhere carries towards some more speed riffage. The jazz influence never leaves, in fact the lonely sax is quite interesting and the star of the song, adding some tremendous flavor to the album.

4. Equilibrio Fatal (6:29)

Old school trash here. The solos are wild and just relentless. If you love classic metal thrash with some progressive bass work... this is for you.

5. So It Goes (19:56) Standout Track

What an odd song this one is. They bounce from metal thrash to more jazzy arrangements and dip into some death, and they make it work. Then they introduce some progressive metal into the mix and let's not forget about the acoustics at they very end, It's an all consuming track that runs nearly 20 minutes.


Album Nuggets

  • You will find an abundance of speed metal and death metal influences found on this album

  • There are constant changeups and transitions happening all over the place, it's so fucking entertaining

  • The odd jazz moments are perfectly placed, perhaps taking a page from Mr. Bungle

  • This album provides a fresh outlook to the death and thrash metal genres


Brew Pairing

Let's go with Kitty Has Claws IPA by Revision Brewing in Nevada. This 7% IPA is citrusy and vibrant with flavor. A flavorful brew to enjoy with the thrash's metal of Demoniac..

Demoniac are:

Vicente Pereira: Bass

Rodrigo Poblete: Drums

Nicolas Young: Guitars

Javier Ortiz: Guitars, Vocals

Follow Demoniac: Bandcamp / Facebook


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