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Death Index (ST)

Turn this to 5.9 of 11

Released: 2016

Genre: Punk, Post-Goth

Sounds Like: So-pitted, Heat Dust

Death Index

Two man bands are no longer a novelty. They have become quite commonplace in today's alternative and garage rock scene. It's all about gaining efficiencies and a deceptively big sound. Death Index's self-titled debut takes a new twist on two man band popularity by infusing punk and goth with surprising clarity.

The album runs just 25 minutes in length. While we realize most punk albums are punchy and under forty minutes, the goth appeal throughout this one never gains momentum as a result of the brevity.

Track listing:

1. Fast Money Kill

2. Dream Machine

3. The Meal

4. Fuori Controllo

5. FUP

6. Little 'N' Pretty

7. Lost Bodies

8. We've Got A Number

9. JFK

10. Patto Con Dio

Take the "Dream Machine" for example. As soon as we start to get into Cox's distant new wave goth-like vocals, the song abruptly fades at the two minute mark. We are left scratching our heads and thinking this one feels like a record label sampler cut.

The march-like tempo of "The Meal" is quite appealing as Rapisarda's lyrics shape the mood. The track ponders hunger and boutique consumption. "FUP" turns a bit unnerving "can't look want out" cries turn quite disturbing. "Little n' Pretty" really falls flat as Cox's vocals tire as the track falls in the doldrums of crap. "Lost Bodies" turns very new wave techno and experimental. By the time our brain adjusts the freaking song is over. "JFK" is a feedback and distortion frenzy. Holy shit this track is annoying. The closer "Patto Con Dio" is entertaining and perhaps the best track on the album for its depth and diversity until the four minute mark when the track closes with 3 minutes of bullshit feedback.

Italy's Death Index delivers some very intriguing moments, but overall leaves us very unsatisfied. The wasteful under one minute tracks and fluff feedback become debilitating. This one is certainly not worth the full price point of an LP.

Standout Tracks: Patto Con Dio, The Meal

Band members:

Carson Cox - vocals/guitar

Marco Rapisarda- percussion, multi-instrumentalist

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