Dead Tears (Wretched Earth)

Crank this to 8.4 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Death Metal, Progressive Metal

Sounds Like: Amon Amarth, Death Decline, Lamb of God

Homeland: Iraq

Dead Tears

Track Overview:

1. Wretched Earth (4:57)

With a soft piano opening, the song bursts into an onslaught of melodic Death metal. The vocals of Karam Bassam are in typical death metal fashion with a slight hardcore feel at times.

2. Mortality Salience (4:04)

Swift percussion leads the way on this song. Just crank it and feel it through the house.

3. Undeniable Existence (4:37)

This track adds an element of hardcore to the mix and breaks from the constant barrage of death metal.

4. Psychopathic Science (3:59)

Another behemoth of a song with moments a timley melodic breakdowns.

5. Passage to the Abyss (6:32)

Nice dueling guitar work in the beginning. The spoken word interludes in this track are a nice touch. This song travels through so many metal changeups... very entertaining.

6. Thus Passes the Glory of the World (4:14)

In your face death metal with a progressive feel.

7. A Corrupt Race (3:47) Standout Track

Something about this tune just sucks us in... Love the brief solo.

8. Serene Silence (1:26)

Ahhh... a nice soft interlude to gather your thoughts and prep for more death metal.

9. Slaves of the Blind Mirror (5:23)

Killer metal riffs are abound on this one. There seems to be some old school thrash metal nestled into this song.

10. In the Vicinity of Death (3:40)

More Progressive metal than death on this tune, it's a nice turn of events.

11. Faded Intellect (4:45) Standout Track

This song just makes you want to jump into a pit... enough said.

12. Necropolis of the Damned (4:24)

Dead Tears continue to impress deep into the album. They have not let up at all.

13. In the Grave (4:44)

The album comes to a proper close with more progressive and melodic Death metal. This track has a great build up towards the end than just cuts off... a perfect way to end Wretched Earth.

Album Nuggets

  • Wretched Earth is more than a typical Death metal album. You will find various influences of hardcore, melodic and progressive metal throughout

  • Karam Bassam on vocals is impressive and never waivers. We feel the need to clear our throats after every listen. The perfect balance of phlegm and grit. His variations in style and bludgeoning pipes make each listen more engaging

  • The drumming is insane and swift