Dead Quiet (ST)

Crank this to 8.7 of 11

Released: 2015

Genre: Metal, Heavy rock

Sounds Like: Doomriders, Saviours, Corrosion of Conformity

Homeland: Vancouver, British Columbia


From Vancouver, British Columbia welcome Dead Quiet and their debut Self-Titled release. Comprised of members from metal acts such as Barn Burner, Anciients and Bend Sinister, Dead Quiet has released an album that is rich in diversity. There are literally so many styles of metal being thrown at us. At times we hear classic driving metal or heavy sludge and other times they have a stoner rock feel along with some great acoustic work scattered throughout. Making it kind of tough to pigeon hole these guys into one particular genre. Let’s just call it diverse metal. On that note, let us break this one down.

1. The Sorceress (5:42)

Classic doom intro gives way to a galloping, head-bobbing steadfast rhythm. The vocals are upfront and raw, adding a punk attitude to the album. The sudden shift to slower, mid-tempo arrangements at the 3:55 mark is a prime example how they change things up and keep the listener enthused.

2. Foul Words (6:03)

The released single that displays some thick riffs, great bass work and drumming. We have no doubt this will bring in the fans. Check out the video below for this one.

3. God Was Wrong (4:33)

The title of the song says it all, its on the darker side with the lyrics along with well-timed acoustics. Classic metal rhythm sections are plentiful on this one.

4. My Finest Hour (3:28) Standout Track

A mix of stoner and metal. It’s the shortest track of the bunch and packs quite a punch. With no pause, this song bleeds right into the next track.

5. Remaining Remains (6:28)

This song has a heavier weight than the others, call it dramatic sludge with the intense vocals.

6. Home Is Where You Go To Die (5:32) Standout Track

One of our favorites on the album. It’s just so damn catchy with the friendly acoustics. The song is actually sad if you pay attention to the lyrics, it’s about coping with loss in one’s life. The metal/punk break out in the middle of the song is brilliant, than it shifts back to the acoustics. We believe there is a female vocalist in the background of the chorus, nice touch.

7. The Fall Of Me (5:04)

An impressive blend of southern acoustic blues and metal. It’s a theatrical song that showcases the serious side of the band.

8. Let It Die (4:36)

Classic stoner vibes here. The raw punk vocal singing against the smooth stoner rhythm is great contrast. More abundant bass work here as this could be another one of our favorites.

9. A Thousand Lives (4:12) Standout Track

Infectious acoustics and percussion makes this one a great track to close out the album. It’s an easy song to gravitate towards, leaving the listener in a positive frame of mind and wanting more Dead Quiet.

Final Thoughts

In our eyes Dead Quiet have been flying under the radar and it’s our responsibility to shine a light on these types of bands. It’s a very impressive debut album that should not be overlooked.

Band Members:

Kevin Keegan

Jason Dana

Brock Macinnes

Aaron Gustafson

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