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Darkher (The Kingdom Field)

Crank this to 8.5 of 11

Released: 2015

Genre: Goth, Ambient, Atmospheric Rock

Sounds Like: Black Math Horseman, Chelsea Wolf, Mount Eerie


From West Yorkshire welcome singer-songwriter Jayn H. Wissenberg, who goes by the alias Darkher. Her debut EP The Kingdom Field cannot be easily be associated with just one genre, at times we hear melancholy ambient Goth or Atmospheric mood-setting rock. The music and her astounding vocals will cling to your soul like an uninvited spirit, except here the spirit of Darkher is welcome.

Let us begin with the splendid vocals Jayn H. Wissenberg as they are the focal point of the album. She possesses a soft, ghostly aura that consumes the room and will no doubt hold your attention. The music follows suite and compliments her vocal performance very well. Jumping to the second song “Hung,” you will feel the loneliness and beauty of Darkher’s vocals, it’s quite impressive. The chilling lyrics alone will mesmerize you and keep you focused on just this song, while everything around you gets shut out. We haven’t even discussed the music yet as it captures the moment. The haunting acoustics and what sounds like a low-toned cello and minimal feedback just sets the mood… this could be one of the best female vocal performances we have heard this year.

The opening track “Ghost Tears” is dark and haunting, the song evokes imagery of ethereal, fog enhanced landscapes. The cello here plays an important role in creating this sullen atmosphere and the percussion is very deep and powerful, a great mood setting opener. “Forgone,” with its dark brooding bass, dense drums and eerie guitars, all topped off with her vocals makes this such an entrancing piece of work. This song flows right into the last track, “The Kindgom Field.” This one is an ambient instrumental that will put you in a tranquil state of mind, a nice way to close the EP.

Band Members:

Jayn H. Wissenberg - Vocals, Guitars, Production, sorcery.

Martin T Wissenberg - Additional Guitars

Shaun 'Winter' Taylor-Steels – Drums

Jayn H. Wissenberg is an amazing artist that should continue to flourish and her ability to captivate an audience with just vocals is a testament to her talent. We are clamoring for a full length to be released and being the music is so open ended, there is no limit to where she can take her sound.

Standout Tracks: Hung, Forgone

Follow Darkher: Bandcamp / Facebook


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