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Cymothoa (Destination Exile)

Crank this to 8.7 of 11

Released: 2017

Genre: Progressive Metal, Industrial

Sounds Like: Mastodon, Lagwagon, Burnt By The Sun


There is not enough instrumental metal in the world and we have identified a clear need for this genre. For those that love the shred but prefer not to put up with incessant death metal vocals or lofty/sappy over the top prog rock pipes with death metal vocals or sappy angelic prog metal pipes, there is not much out there. Well… we have stumbled upon a solution for this void, give a listen to Cymothoa from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They kick ass providing some levity to the instrumental metal world with an onslaught of maniacal fretwork with no meaning.

The album entitled Destination Exile and is an expansion off their previous self-titled EP release back in 2016. Destination Exile is filled with diversity and we appreciate the curtailed song lengths that keep our attention.

Track Listing:

1. Cookies and Cremation 04:02

2. Bologna Danza 02:42

3. Gather the Hostages 03:04

4. Hammer Party 02:51

5. Dawn of the Shred 03:21

6. Jef’s An Asshole 03:23

7. The Texas Chainsaw Manicure 03:23

8. Bedazzle That Shit 03:47

What is the standout track off of Destination Exile?

Absolutely love the change-ups off of "Hammer Party". Deeper bellowing bass accompanied by some of the more challenging fretwork throughout the album. This one hits you immediately and will entangle you in its frenzy. While it is one of the shortest tracks off the album it packs a mother fucking punch as we cannot get enough of it. "Bedazzle That Shit" gets a close second with its wonderfully soothing melody that patiently morphs into a cacophony of bliss.

What adult beverage do we suggest accompany Destination Exile?

From Big Lake, MN we absolutely recommend Lupulin Blissful Ignoance a 9.0% ABV double IPA. An intensely hoppy pale ale with minimal malt character, designed to showcase its strong hop flavors.

Final Thoughts for Destination Exile.

Cymothoa is a band that does not take itself too seriously and infuses levity throughout its heavy bludgeoning riffs. We would love to hear more about whomever designed the album cover. The movement and positive negativity that it brings. The perfect blend of colors. We strongly recommend you give this one a few rotations and throw some bucks their way on BandCamp. Much like the album cover Destination Exile is a refreshing mix of heavy metal riffage. We are very pleased to have stumbled upon this album and are really finding it hard to take out of heavy rotation.

Band Members:

Justin Boehne - Bass

Jef Ries- Guitar

Tony Lendt - Drums

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