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Come and See (Volume 1)

Crank this to 8.4 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Psychedelic rock

Sounds Like: O’Brother, Tom Waits, Roger Waters

Homeland: Nottingham, UK

Come and See

Album Overview

  • Recordings and jam sessions with members of Contremarque, Satorinaut, Lemurian Folk Songs, LIquidacid, Quantumgate and Pilot Voyager

  • Retained spontaneity within unique composition, with themes remaining multi-configurable and fluid until the moment of capture

  • Chill and introspective. Nelson delivers a pensive look at the divinity and angles of the afterlife


Track Listing:

1. Prelude (3:24)

2. Prayer of Death (desert song) (5:46)

3. Existence (7:14)

4. Child of Infinity (5:18)

5. The Pleasure Trap (6:58)

6. Divine the Divine (slip into the limitless) (6:12)

7. Come and See (7:02)

8. Child of Invisibility (1:02)


Standout Track(s)

Prayer of Death (desert song)

This track contains brilliant tribal build-ups and majestic percussion. It really consumes you.


Brew Pairing

Tap into smoothness that will fit Come and See. Hungary’s Dreher Classic at 5.2 ABV, a pilsner-style lager, the Dreher Bak, a rich, full-bodied, dark double bock, and also a pale ale with a complex, fruity taste.

Come and See are:

Jonathan C. Nelson - Guitar/Vocal

Oleg "Toof" Zubkov - Bass

Michael Zwecker - Drums

Featuring :

Michael Kentish - Background vocals

Danny Bain - Percussion

Tim Reine - Trumpet

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