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Colision (Lost Ghosts Vol​.​I)

Crank this to 7.9 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Alternative, Heavy Shoegaze

Sounds Like: Deftones, Hum, Goes Cube

Homeland: France


Album Overview:

  • Heavy shoegaze with splashes of atmospheric hardcore

  • The production is a bit cleaner from their previous release Healing Is Not Linear

  • The combination of clean and screams vocals provides great contrast


Track by Track Breakdown:

1. Hell Will Wait (3:50)

Inspiring and clean vocals opens the EP and we are lead towards the heavy atmospheric rock with touches of distant hardcore vocals. A great opener to wet the appetite.

2. Swim While it Rains (4:41)

Spacious heaviness with elements of 90s rock with more distant vocals.

3. Salve (3:21)

This one has a heavier pace with swift percussion.


Brew Pairing:

Liquid Poem by California's Stone Brewing. This 9.4 ABV IPA is crisp with some citrus punch. A nice companion with Colision.

Follow Colision: Bandcamp / Facebook

The Space Huns


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