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Cloakroom (Dissolution Wave)

Crank this to 9.3 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2022

Genre: Shoegaze, Psychedelic, Heavy rock

Sounds Like: Hum, Swervedriver, SOM

Homeland: Indiana


Album Overview

  • The doomy showgaze trio have returned with a comforting album that is sure to take your mind to distant landscapes

  • Dissolution Wave is a very spacious and patient unusual rock album. The heaviness is somewhat hidden at times as you'll find yourself being pulled into their signature dense sound. "Fear of Being Fixed" is a prime example, this song showcases sone terrific heady riffs

  • Doyle Martin's vocals are very soft and have a weightless sound, it's a nice contrast with the heavy shoegaze. Things get even more dreamy when drummer Tim Remis' backing vocals come in

  • Cloakroom are steadily becoming constant in our heavy rotation, their vast library is worth getting into

  • We are beyond stoked when we get to witness these fine gents live in Desertfest NYC... gets the tix while you can


Track Listing:

1. Lost Meaning 4:31

2. Dissolution Wave 5:26

3. A Force At Play 3:44

4. Dottie-back Thrush 4:37

5. Fear of Being Fixed 3:45

6. Lambspring 5:20

7. Doubts 3:59

8. Dissembler 5:50


Standout Track(s)


Such a nostalgic sounding track where its easy going vibe just sticks with you. Its heartwarming tone feels like a cross between Band of Horses meets Hum.

A Force At Play

Another addicting track with the welcome addition of synths and some hazy riffs, plus the video is great.


Brew Pairing

If stouts is your thing, check out Sleep Room stout by WeldWerks Brewing in Colorado. This hefty 12.5% brew is subtly strong with an aroma of pistachio and flavors of chocolate, coconut and vanilla. A thick, delicious and unusual beer that will pair well with Dissolution Wave.

Cloakroom are:

Doyle Martin – lead vocals, guitar

Tim Remis – vocals, drums

Bobby Markos – bass guitar

Follow Cloakroom: Bandcamp / Facebook


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