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Chrome Ghost (House of Falling Ash)

Crank this to 9.3 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2022

Genre: Doom, Post-metal

Sounds Like: Pallbearer, Spaceslug

Homeland: California

Chrome Ghost House of Falling Ash

Album Overview

House of Falling Ash shows Chrome Ghost expanding upon their signature post-doom style. This album seems to bring out the beauty that doom can possess. These six tracks are atmospheric and dense resulting in a calming heaviness. It's a heartfelt heavy album that takes chances and delivers in a big way.


The Music

The sprawling doom will have you drifting into their atmospheric world. Mesmerizing fuzz along with beautiful psychedelic buildups create a unique listening experience for doom fans.


The Vocals

The vocals contain wonderful light-toned harmonies that work perfectly against the music. They are almost operatic and soothing at times. The occasional sludge heavy vocals are thrown in just enough for welcome variety.


Album Art

The ominous cover artwork by Dillan Samuelson will lure you in. If you don't know the band, the painting suggests the album will be in the heavy realm.


Standout Track(s)

Rose In Bloom

This opening song washes over you with an ominous heavy and soothes the soul. It weaves through so many peaks and valleys of cathartic and heavy doom.


Track Listing:

1. Rose In Bloom 14:14

2. The Furnace 8:36

3. In The Tall Grass 1:29

4. Where Black Dogs Dream 11:57

5. Bloom (Reprise) 1:26

6. House of Falling Ash 13:04


Brew Pairing

Blue Train IPA by Blue Earl Brewing in Delaware. This 8.1% IPA has a dark red look with flavors of well balanced citrus and pine. A great pairing with House of Falling Ash.


Chrome Ghost are:

Jacob Hurst - drums

Joe Cooper - bass

Jake Kilgore - guitar, vocals, mellotron, synth

additional musicians:

Pat Hills - pedal steel, guitar, synth

Eva Rose - vocals

Susie Mcmullin - vocals

Yseulde - guitar

Follow Chrome Ghost: Bandcamp / Facebook


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