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Charley No Face (Eleven Thousand Volts)

Crank this to 9.6 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2022

Genre: Stoner rock, Psychedelic

Sounds Like: All Them Witches, Black Angels, King Buffalo

Homeland: Portland, Oregon

Charley No Face

Album Overview

  • Oregon psychedelic fuzzers return with an outstanding sophomore release

  • Eleven Thousand Volts is a more sophisticated album with majestic and chilled vocal harmonies

  • The addition of guitarist Carina's vocals absolutely mesmerizing. Her vocals add an element of sensual psychedelia which takes the album to another level

  • Eleven Thousand Volts has a laid back feel, the music is raw with an abundance of chilled out fuzz

  • At times we hear some 70's hippie psychedelia, check out "Death Mask," this track weaves through 70s psychedelic rock and stoner jamming


Track Listing:

1. Eyes 4:14

2. Mosaic Sky 8:00

3. Flat Circle 4:38

4. Melted Sun 3:47

5. Big Sleep 4:55

6. Satan's Hands 7:15

7. Death Mask 8:50


Standout Track(s)

Death Mask

As we stated earlier, this song has it all. A triumphant blend of 70s psychedlic rock and stoner bliss.


Brew Pairing

Try some Rusty Nail by Fremont Brewing in Washington. This 13.3% oatmeal stout is packs a punch with an abundance of flavors. A nice dark brew that pairs well with Charley No Face.

Charley No Face are:

Nick Wulforst – Guitar, Vocals

Tim Abel – Drums

Carina Hartley – Guitar, Vocals

Brad Larson – Bass

Follow Charley No Face: Bandcamp / Facebook


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